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How is V-Prop Touch beneficial to me?

  1. Property seller and buyer across border can meet in virtual space
  2. In virtual reality, property buyer can feel the space of actual property without physical being present
  3. Property buyer can interact with the property & communicate with the seller just like you are there
  4. Property seller enjoys increase in international property sales
  5. Property buyers could have a view from every floor that is easily accessible, instant viewing of scenery from real-life perspective with actual height according to the selected floor of any available unit
  6. Provides immersive visualisation with the optimum of furnishing or as an empty unit display
  7. Allowing you to freely walk/teleport around an area, with real-life motion reflected in virtual reality environment
  8. Provides navigation and orientation that shows direction relative to the geographic cardinal directions
  9. Virtually visualise and portray a clearer idea in a day and night cycle
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