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VR Lab's Journey at Muru-D

"Introducing...VR Lab"
by Muru-D Singapore | February 21, 2018
Credit : Muru-D Singapore


"VR Lab - HQ offers the V-Prop Touch system and platform, which allows property buyers to virtually visit and interact with properties anywhere, in real-time.


Meet the founders, Jack Tang & Shireen Tan Chwee Wei here...#MeetSGP3"

VR Labs dreams big on property scene

by Digital News Asia | January 17, 2018
"Malaysian startup VR Lab hopes to solve this pain point for international investors with their virtual reality-based solution called V-Prop Touch, which was launched in August last year."

Muru-D Singapore Kicks Off Third Cohort

by Muru-D | October 4, 2017

" VR Lab Bhd, Malaysia – VR Lab offers the V-prop Touch system and platform, which allows property buyers to virtually visit and interact with properties anywhere, in real-time."

VR ways to buying properties

by News Straits Times | September 4, 2017 

"The company has developed V-Prop Touch, a solution to be used with VR technology that allows prospective buyers to experience properties they plan to buy before construction begins".r.

Forging VR solutions for the nation

by | August 30, 2017


"Poised as the country’s largest virtual reality chain store, it provides one stop solutions for all VR needs".

Malaysian startup VR Lab shakes up property industry with V-Prop Touch

by Reuters | August 17, 2017
"VR Lab has also found the practical use of virtual reality in the property industry as the Malaysian virtual reality developer announced they have developed a VR simulator for the property industry, known as V-Prop Touch."

VR Lab launches V-Prop Touch

by Digital News Asia | August 16, 2017
"Described as a real-time online platform that leverages on VR, V-Prop Touch claims to connect property buyers and sellers around the globe in a virtual showroom of the property that is to be sold."

Revolution in Property Industry via Virtual Reality

by Property Insight | August 14, 2017
"This virtual reality tool can simulate presentations for property developers, architects and property investors to enable them to get a substantial outlook of what they are paying for or committing into."

The Largest Virtual Reality Chain in Malaysia (Grand Launch of VProp Touch)

by Entrepreneur Insight | August 13, 2017
"...we develop on V-Touch, VR conferencing platform using HTC VIVE where people from around the world can interact with each other in a simulated environment real time using our VR platorm...”
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